Murmuring - a project by The Australian Ballet School and The Australian Ballet

We were delighted to have provided the costuming for this performance piece by artists from The Australian Ballet plus the 2020 graduating year of The Australian Ballet school. “MURMURING” was borne from concerns about the impacts of COVID on the performing arts industry and particularly, the desire to nurture the mental health, spirit and connection of dancers and audiences alike who lived and felt the COVID restrictions.

The Australian Ballet had not performed since March 2020, and whilst all dancers have undertaken some form of remote classes from their living rooms, this COVID framework has caused isolation and lack of connection that is in stark contrast to their ‘normal’ life where their daily interaction involves close connection working collectively.

The piece was choreographed by Mason Lovegrove and Serena Graham (artists from The Australian Ballet). Starling murmuration is about sustaining the flock. Project Starling and the piece “Murmuring” is about sustaining a sense of purpose, motivation and care in a disheartening situation and realising a positive outcome. The project is a result of the support and goodwill of many – and the recording, plays testament to the admirable qualities of humanity.

Images by Lynette Wills Photography.

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