Studio 7 Dancewear Costume Collections

Believe in your future

A story of a dancer’s dream of her future. Every dancer starts with a dream to become the best they can be.

Featuring latest costumes from Studio 7 Dancewear’s 2022 Costume Release.

With thanks to:

Caitlin Irving for her stunning choreography
Sean from Shotography for the beautiful video
The team from Runway Room for the gorgeous makeup
Lynn Jones for her exquisite hair design
All the dancers and their parents for their amazing efforts

Coming Home To The Stage

The majority of 2020 and 2021 threw a lot of uncertainty at the dance industry. Ultimately, all we wanted to see were dancers being able to perform on stage! This is what inspired our 2021 Costume Collection launch video. That feeling of ‘coming home’ to the stage is what dancers everywhere share a passion for.

Thank you to the amazing team:
Lisa, Lauren and Symiko from TDC The Dance Company for working with us to create our vision for this piece.
Izzy, Maddy, Zoe, Charlie, Tiana, Savannah and Abby – the amazing dancers from TDC.
Sean from Shotography who filmed and edited this incredible piece and captured our costumes.
The wonderful team from Runway Room in charge of hair and make up.